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"You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it."

Jimmy Dean

Unlock your productivity and achieve more by knowing when to focus, when to take action, and when to rest.

  • Let the Universe do the heavy lifting for mundane tasks
  • Get more Focus Time on things that matter
  • Integrate more ebb and flow
  • Learn Your Natural Rythyn

Find Your Flow

Astrobatching: Unleashing the Power of Natural Cycles for Project Success and Personal Well-Being

Discover the unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern productivity techniques with Astrobatching, a powerful planning and time management approach that aligns your goals and tasks with the natural cycles of the universe.

By incorporating astrologically favorable days and personal "good" time zones into your planning, you can optimize your productivity, well-being, and overall success, ensuring that you won't miss the most auspicious moments for your important projects.

Astrobatching harnesses the power of the moon's phases, along with other multi-layered timing techniques, to help you tap into the natural ebb and flow of energy. This approach allows you to work in sync with the cosmos, creating a more nuanced and balanced calendar that not only boosts your productivity but also brings more flow and satisfaction to your life.

Experience the transformative effects of Astrobatching as the road opens up, ideas flow, and you find yourself on track to achieve your goals with ease and grace. Learn to strike a balance between time perspectives, ensuring that you plan ahead, manage your day-to-day tasks, and clean up past activities, all while working in harmony with the universe's natural rhythms.

Looking for ways to make the most of your time and have some fun while doing it?

Auspicious (lucky) transits can help you do just that.

" I say luck is when an opportunity comes

along and you're prepared for it."

Denzel Washington

Your personal luck transits are specific to you and your location, and can help you schedule your life more efficiently.

By creating a schedule that works for you, based on your strongest times of day, week, and month, you can improve your productivity and reduce procrastination. Planning significant events like meetings, calls, and emails during your lucky times can also help you make the most of your opportunities.

By identifying your best times, you can schedule work accordingly. Highlighting your key tasks and projects and focusing on them when the stars align can help you achieve better results. This allows for more time spent in precious "deep work" on projects that matter!

You can also increase efficiency by batching your tasks and complete them during your luckiest times. This can give more free time to pursue other interests.

If you need a boost in sales or social media engagement, sending out your messages during your personal best times can make a significant difference.

The best part of using astrological transits is that you can let the universe work in your favor. So sit back, relax, and find your flow. Get ready to have more fun and make the most of every moment with our transits.

the universe has your bATCH


  • Identify Your Lucky Times: Schedule meetings, calls, and emails based on your unique astrological transits and location.
  • Optimize Your Schedule: Create a schedule that works for you by identifying your strongest times of day, week, and month.
  • Increase Your Productivity: Minimize procrastination and increase productivity by doing difficult tasks during times of high energy and deep work during your best hours.
  • Increase Your Visibility: Send sales letters and post on social media at the best times for you to gain a better response and increase your visibility.
  • Import into your Google, Mircrosoft, or Apple calendars
  • Gain more traction on deep work and important projects
  • Integrate with your Social Media Calendar

Create With

The Moon

Ride a

Universal Wave

Know Your

Best Times

two digital calendar types-

One for planning, one for tasks

plan projects & Schedule work


Astro Blocking: Harnessing Natural Cycles for Project Success

Astro blocking is a powerful planning and time management technique that combines astrological insights with traditional time blocking to optimize your long-term goal setting. By incorporating astrologically favorable days into your planning, you can ensure that you won't miss the most auspicious moments for your important tasks and projects.

Syncing with Moon Cycle: Mayan Directions, Vedic Nakshatras, & Personal Best Hours for Project Planning

Astrobatching follows the 28-day lunar cycle, harnessing the power of the moon's phases to guide your activities. For example, the new moon is a great time to plant seeds for new projects or gather information, while the full moon is an ideal time to reflect and reset your focus for the next cycle.

Mayan Moon Cycle

The Mayan Moon cycle, also known as the Tzolkin calendar, is a 260-day cycle that consists of 20 day signs and 13 galactic numbers. It is believed to represent the unfolding of the universe and the human experience. By aligning your projects with the Mayan Moon cycle, you can tap into the natural flow of energy and allow your ideas and goals to unfold organically.

In Mayan astrology, each of the cardinal directions is associated with a specific color and phase of the moon, which represents the energy and qualities of that direction. Performing these activities are supportive during these cycles:

The moon cycle that follows a natural cycle (your birthdate also assigns you a personal color that is your Genius) sometimes when a project gets blocked it's that you have moved out of the strength of your Genius. Knowing this you know where and when you need support.

  • East: Red - Symbolizing new beginnings, courage, and transformation, red represents the water element and the East Cycle's focus on renewal, change, and setting new intentions.
  • North: White - Symbolizing purity, wisdom, and spiritual growth, white represents the air element and the North Cycle's focus on knowledge and understanding.
  • West: Blue- Symbolizing introspection, stability, and grounding, black represents the earth element and the West Cycle's focus on reflection, self-care, and nurturing one's well-being.
  • South: Yellow - Symbolizing vitality, abundance, and life force, yellow represents the fire element and the South Cycle's focus on energy, passion, and action.

Vedic Nakshatras

The Vedic calendar, also known as the Hindu calendar, is a complex system that incorporates both lunar and solar cycles to measure time and plan activities. It is primarily based on the length of a synodic lunar month, which encompasses the time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth in relation to the Sun. In Vedic astrology, the Moon's position in the sky, known as tithis (lunar days), and nakshatras (constellations), play a crucial role in determining the most auspicious times for various activities

Timing activities with the Moon is an essential aspect of the Vedic calendar, as it is believed that aligning one's actions with the natural rhythms of the lunar cycle can bring success and harmony. For example, certain days of the lunar cycle are considered more favorable for new beginnings, creative work, or routine activities. By understanding the influence of the Moon and its phases, individuals can plan their activities accordingly to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Hour Blocks

These are hour (or so) transits that happen intraday. These can be good times to “block” creative work, meetings, and focus time during these hours. When combined with a good overall day, you may see more flow. Or, plan errands and “minutia work” during these to breeze through.

Practical Applications: Long-term Target and Goal Setting with Astroblocking

To make the most of Astroblocking, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify your key projects and goals for the month.
  2. Take into consideration the key dates in each month that can help support your goal.
  3. Create a time block for each project, assigning the most auspicious days and hours to your most important tasks.
  4. Plan out your monthly goals and incorporate your own Go, Slow, and Rest days to align with the natural rhythms of the Moon and the universe.

By using Astroblocking, you can tap into the ancient wisdom of various astrological systems, such as Vedic astrology's Nakshatras, which offer unique qualities and energies for different activities like initiating, creating, and connecting. Aligning your projects and goals with the most favorable lunar mansions can significantly boost your chances of success.

Even if you aren't astrologically inclined (yet), you can still benefit from Astroblocking by planning out your monthly goals and following the natural rhythms of the Moon and the universe. This approach will help you achieve your targets with more ease and flow, maximizing your potential for success.

Batch Tasks-send emails-schedule posts

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Some possible Integrations & uses for our calendars

layer & Select your best times during the day

Astrobatching - Harnessing the Best of the Universe for Success

Astrobatching: Astrobatching is a comprehensive method that creates a powerful layered calendar by aggregating the best times of your month, combining insights from Moon cycles, Vedic Days, and Intraday Bursts. This streamlined approach simplifies astrological information, allowing you to easily identify the optimal moments for important activities and connections to achieve the desired results. By using this method, you can prioritize and layer the most favorable astrological aspects, ensuring a concise and manageable list of the best times for specific activities. Instead of being overwhelmed by numerous choices and complex data, "batching" your top aspects enables focused and efficient planning, ultimately helping you achieve success in various aspects of your life.

Both options are available to export and sync with your personal calendar of choice, making it easy to integrate Astrobatching into your daily routine and planning.

act and automate tasks during top times

The second calendar allows you to choose and layer to

find high impact micro best times for specific actions


Is a consolidated astrological planning feature that allows you to select your top timing events for maximum effectiveness. By using this method, you can prioritize and layer the most favorable astrological aspects, ensuring that you have a concise and manageable list of the best times to perform specific activities. Instead of being overwhelmed by numerous choices and complex astrological data, "batching" your top aspects enables you to cherry-pick the most auspicious moments for your endeavors. This approach allows for more focused and efficient planning, ultimately helping you achieve the desired outcomes in various aspects of your life.

Both options are available to export and sync with your personal calendar of choice

Target and Goal Setting with FLOW

Practical Applications

High Impact Activities

Astro batching helps you identify the optimal times during the month to engage in high-impact activities, such as sales calls, contract signings, and meetings with bankers or vendors.

Online Activity Timing

With the increase in online activity, Astro batching provides an excellent opportunity to time your digital tasks, such as sending emails or launching marketing campaigns, for maximum impact.

Batching for Efficiency and Creativity

Astro batching encourages you to group similar tasks together during favorable times, making tedious tasks like dealing with bureaucracy smoother and faster. It also helps you reserve the most productive times for creative work, socializing, and personal growth.

Personal Benefits

No Astrology Knowledge Required

You don't need to be an astrologer or even interested in astrology to benefit from Astrobatching. Simply following the calendar and planning your activities accordingly can lead to increased productivity and well-being.

Learning Your Internal Rhythm

Astro batching encourages you to become more in tune with your own internal rhythm and energy levels, allowing you to work more effectively and avoid burnout.

Reducing Stress and Fostering Creativity

By honoring your natural energy cycles and working with the lunar phases, Astro batching can help reduce stress and foster greater creativity. This approach recognizes the value of downtime and the importance of nurturing your creative spirit during periods of rest and reflection.

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